Old Testament Threads In The Gospels

Extracts from the transcript from a lecture Echoes Of Antiquity: Old Testament Threads Woven Into The Gospels By Dr. Dale C. Allison Jr. in the Bart Ehrman course New Insights Into the New Testament Conference here.

MMLJ assumes their readers know the stories of the OT.

Matthew 1:1 -An account[a] of the genealogy[b] of Jesus the Messiah,[c] the son of David, the son of Abraham. – David and Abraham are mentioned without explanation showing that the writer expected the readers to know who they were. To Know their stories and what they contribute to the story of Jesus.

Mark 6 – Feeding of 5000 – 2 illusions

  1. 2 Kings 4 – Elisha fed 100 whereas Jesus fed 5000. John tells same story and adds that it was Barley bread that was the same as Elisha served; i.e. barley bread.
  2. Mark said Jesus told them to lie down in the GREEN grass. Why green? A: Grass is green because of Psalms 23. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures…

Luke 9 – Don’t say goodbye to parents.

  1. Compare to Elija wants to say goodbye to parent but Elisha said no.
    “no one that puts hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God”.
  2. Story of Lot’s wife looked back and turned in a piller of salt.
    In addition – Luke 17 – ON house top let him not come down and if in the field let me know look back like Lot’s wife.

Math 17 – Jesus going up on mountain and glows. After 6 days face glows and cloud comes down and God speaks like Ex 32 & 33 Moses on Siani.

Duet 18 – God will raise up prophet like Moses. Moses glowed, Jesus Glowed

Ex _ – Pharoh, wicked King on throne, kills infants but Moses saved. Then story moves from the infant to young man then goes into the wilderness, temptation, goes up on a mountain and gets God’s commandments; then red seas then into the wilderness for 40 years. Same as Matthew 5 where Jesus born under evil king herod the great, that kills infants and Jesus delievered and in Mark goes straight to Baptism; [note Paul equates baptism to going through the Red Sea]. Plus the temptations are the same, Idoletry (worship satan); hunger (turn stones to bread); goes up on monutain and gets imperative and says as you have heard of old, the quotes Moses…So, the same story as Moses…a replay.

Matthew 2:19. When Herod died God appeared to Joseph in a dream, rise and take the child into Israel for those seeking the life of the child have died. Just like Exodus 4. Matthew cut and pasted into his own story.

After last supper Judas betrays Jesus. Goes to Gethsemene and Judas comes and desciples flee. After Judas hung himself. Like story of David in Samual where Hiliifel, trusted companion of David who betrayed him. Remember that Jesus said the one who betrays him lifted his heel opon him and when David went to pray those that followed him fled and when hilifel betrayed him then Hilifel hung himself.

John 1:51 says heavens will open and angels will descend…. agrees refers to heavens open and angels descending and is like Jacob who sees angels going up and down.