Josiah, Hilkiah, and the Moses Scrolls

The Shapira Scrolls: The Case for Authenticity Dershowitz and Tabor – Full text and many photos. 14-minute read. This fully refutes the claims of forgery in the 1800s and since.

The LOST Scroll of Moses by Ross K. Nichols

Extract from the above video’s description – Unearth an ancient mystery in “The LOST Scroll of Moses.” Deuteronomy informs us that Moses wrote a scroll and bequeathed it to the Levites and the elders of Israel. Tradition claims this Moses scroll is the Pentateuch, but clues within the Pentateuch point elsewhere. The Bible describes the enigmatic scroll as lost, then found in 622 BCE, triggering debates among experts – could it be a form of Deuteronomy? Or was the “discovered scroll,” as some scholars suggest, a mere pious fraud designed to support the reforms of Josiah’s era? This class seeks to solve this age-old enigma. Join us as we piece together the clues embedded within the scriptures and those of a controversial 19th-century find in an enlightening journey, tracing the origins of the lost scroll and revisiting a document long-dismissed as a forgery – the Shapira scrolls. Are the biblical clues key to identifying the true contents of Moses’ original scroll? And could the Shapira scrolls, overlooked for centuries, represent the legendary manuscript we’ve been seeking?

The Shapira Scroll

Was the Oldest and Most Significant Dead Sea Scroll Mistakenly Declared a Forgery in 1883?

Extract from the above video’s description – In 1883 sixteen leather strips found by Bedouin in caves on the east side of the Dead Sea came into possession of book and manuscript antiquities dealer Moses Shapira of Jerusalem. These ancient texts were written in Paleo-Hebrew and after painstaking reading and transcription of the faded letters by Shapira, were evaluated by Germany, British, and French scholars and eventually declared to be a forgery. After all, how could leather with writing be preserved for over 2000 years in a Dead Sea cave? The irony of that objection, now that we have the Qumran library of texts we call collectively “The Dead Sea Scrolls,” is evident today. The texts were largely forgotten and eventually lost–though I am convinced they can likely be found again and examined. Fortunately we have transcripts and two new books, both published in 2021, The Moses Scroll by Ross Nichols and The Valediction of Moses by Idan Dershowitz, reexamine this “Cold Case” mystery

The Moses Scroll – Ross K. Nichols – A Great Book and Video

Idan Dershowitz – Scholar recommended by Tabor

Idan Dershowitz