Bart Ehrman

What is the King James Version?

Bart Ehrman: What Kind of a Text is the King James Bible? (Manifold Greatness exhibition opening) – 1 hour lecture after long intro. To skip the long intro go to 9:34.

Memories – Go to the separate post at this site here.

Constantine and his Conversion

  1. Constantine and Christianity – Correcting three misconceptions about the early Christians and Rome.
  2. Constantine and the Battle at the Milvian Bridge – The battles that led up to Constantine being the sole emperor and about to become a Christian.
  3. Constantine Before His Conversion – What we can surmise largely based on Eusebius.
  4. Constantine’s Vision according to Eusebius – His initial prayer to win in battle and seeing the cross in the sky.
  5. Constantine’s Vision(s): What Did He Really See and When? – Final post in this series. Presents the different accounts of his vision(s).

Constantine and the Christian Faith: My Four Smithsonian Lectures.

The lecture is immersed with content from Bart’s book “The Triumph of Christianity: How A Forbidden Religion Swept the World.” The program is discussed on his blog:

  1. Part One:    • Smithsonian Part One – Christianity’s…  
  2. Part Two:    • Smithsonian Part Two – Pagan Converts…  
  3. Part Three:  • Smithsonian Part Three – Factors for …  
  4. Part Four:    • Smithsonian Part Four – Constantine a…