James Tabor Special Links

New Testament Texts on the Imminence of the EndThere is absolutely clear evidence running through the New Testament documents that the early followers of Jesus (Nazarenes) were convinced that they were living very close to the end of the Age. They expected the “Parousia”…. Includes lists of scriptures.

Standing in the Shadow of Schweitzer: What Can We Say About an Apocalyptic Jesus?” ​The Review of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion​. This is a great paper.

Essay exam question/answers were written by [his student], Jeff Poplin, UNC-Charlotte, class of 2001. Includes DSS issues.
This paper was written by [Tabor’s] student Jeff Poplin, UNC-Charlotte, class of 2001. It offers a nice survey of the traditions on John the Baptizer that developed after the New Testament.
This paper discusses the various versions of Hebrew Matthew at an academic level, IMHO.