RV Refrigerator

  • Haier Model HA10TG21SS
  • 9.8 CF120V, 2.5 amps, startup amps is 6.0 amps. Manufactures Specs say 15 amp.
  • Refrigerant R600a
  • SN AH551348
  • Manufacturer’s web site here.
  • Parts Warranty 5-Year
  • O&M Manual in DropBox.

Haier Refrigerator not cooling with links to other advice on issues.

Haier Trouble Shooting Guide

Diagnosing the problem with the refer.

Original evaporator motor part number per GE is WR01X29257

Original Evaporator Motor Label

Kebaling Motor Co. Ltd.
AC100-240V 501/60Hz 205W
2,000r/min CL A.Z.P. CCW
312121800027 BCD-282W AC02A Lot 1701

Replaced Evaporator Motor

Replaced the evaporator motor with a universal motor by ERP. Model ERM249 bought on 10/17/2019 at A & B Appliances, U.S. 90, Theodore, AL for $44. It is a 3,000 RPM motor rather than the 2,000 RPM that was the original that failed.