RV Tele Reception

TV Station Locator Tool

A camper at the site beside us had an inexpensive aftermarket OTA antenna from Walmart(link below) mounted on a painters poll from Lowes(link below), … I copied his setup and we’re amazed at the improvement over the FR antenna, … at that cg we had only been able to pick up 4 very weak channels, now we get 28 strong reliable channels



How do you run your coax cable? …this antenna is a motorized unit to rotate to the direction that you want, … cable runs from the antenna to the control unit inside, … I wanted to use the propane hatch cover to get the cable inside, so I used a 10′ cable from the control unit to the hatch cover, … at the hatch cover I connect the outside cable to the inside cable, …. the 10′ cable inside allows me to mount/locate the control unit where I want it inside, … that control unit has a switch to rotate the antenna, and it also comes with a remote, which hasn’t proven to be very useful, … but the antenna itself is amazing, … I also use an app on the cell phone for locating where to point the antenna.