RV Advice

Carpet under the awning – Walmart 9 X 12 RV mats. They are plastic, not really carpet, and as such, hose off easily. $48. Also, HomeDepot carpet made from recycled plastic for $20

For additional winter heat look at Ceramic “cube” heaters. See comments at this post.

From a Post: “Dealer extended warranties are WAY overpriced. Get a second price from Wholesale Warranties or some other reputable aftermarket warranty company. Example: $7,000 for 2-year coverage from the dealer, $4,800 for 4-year coverage from Wholesale Warranties.”

Awning Side Sun Shades help keep your campsite cool.

Dehumidifiers – http://www.doityourselfrv.com/air-dryrs/

From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-U3IB9_9NE

  1. Add LED Battery power mini lights in storage spaces that are dark
  2. Add Oxygenics shower head
  3. Add anti-slip shelf liner inside cabinets to prevent sliding. LIke we have in the pantry.

Vent Fans and covers

Technology and Internet on the Road

RV Refigerators – Level is Critical!

Propane and Alarm Systems

Electrical Systems

Water, Plumbing, Tanks, and Lines

Roofs, Leaks, Awnings, Windows, and Other Exterior Systems

Trailer Tires, Suspensions, and Brakes




Have them turn on the refrigerator at least 4 hours before you arrive and make sure it will run and switch between electric and propane. Once there, have them turn on and show you how to use “everything” including all the little things like:

  • black tank backflush,
  • how to fill and drain the water tank,
  • how to winterize,
  • where the water pump is mounted,
  • date codes on tires, tv, stereo, lights, furnace, range, oven, water heater,
  • how to change ac filters,
  • opening and closing emergency window exits, and even the blinds.
  • Look closely at trim pieces, cabinet handles and hinges, and all screws etc.
  • Get up on the roof and look at seams, look for bubbles and not enough sealant.
  • Check ac and vent covers.
  • Make sure you understand how your propane switch over (if equipped) valve works.
  • Have them help you adjust your trailer brakes on your truck before you leave the parking lot too.
  • double check the lugnuts after the first trip as well.

awning cleaner – We use vinegar and Dawn soap in a spray bottle with hot water, cleans up back to the bright white color.

We have an in-line water filter that goes on the hose bib and filters before it gets into our rig and then in the kitchen another small cartridge type for the water “fountain”. There is another in-line for the water into our freezer ice maker.