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Below are courses procured and taken online.

Dr. James D. Tabor on

Creating Jesus: Gospel of Mark – Seven-part online lecture series.

“Jesus & Dead Sea Scrolls” – 10 Lectures.

Bart Ehrman on Thrivecart

New Insights into the New Testament™, or NINT, is a virtual conference designed for non-scholars to enjoy the latest Biblical insights from renowned scholars.

Bart Ehrmans The Scribal Corruption of Scripture: How the Bible Was Changed and Why Readers May Never Know! Based on Bart’s New York Times Bestselling book, Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why (HarperOne 2005), these lectures will explore a question that must be critically important not only to committed readers of the Bible but to anyone interested in the Christian religion: how can we be sure we have the original writings of the New Testament?

The Genius of the Gospel of Matthew This course consists of eight lessons with Bart Ehrman as your instructor. Each lesson spans from 50 to 60 minutes, accompanied by two extensive Q&A sessions. Watched live over 2 days. Video recording released 3/23/2024.

“Archaeology in the Time of Jesus!” – Dr. Jodi Magness recorded four lectures for this course. Paid.

Did Peter Hate Paul?FREE access to 2 x 40-minute lectures & Q&A. Signed up March 2024.

“Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Actually Write Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?” – 50-minute talk with Q&A! Free. Signed up 4/3/2024.


“Archaeology in the Time of Jesus – How Recent Discoveries Have Enlightened The Gospels” by Dr. Jodi Magness. Presented and viewed March 2024.

Simply Jesus by Dr. N.T. Wright on Admirato. Viewed March 2024.