Albert Schweitzer

From Tabor’s talk here where he reads what he sees as Schweitzer’s theology from the last chapter of The Quest for the Historical Jesus.

Jesus according to Schweitzer lays hold of the wheel of the world to set it moving on that last Revolution which is to bring all ordinary history to a close it refuses to turn and he throws himself on it and it does turn and crushes him.

Through the Ages stuck to the wheel I take it and yet even with this perspective, this negative
theology as Schweitzer calls it of a failed messiah, he leaves the reader with his final chapter that he calls results.

He [Schweitzer] writes “Jesus means something to our world because of a mighty spiritual force that streams from him and flows through our time also and further it is not Jesus as historically known but Jesus as spiritually arisen within men who is significant for our time and can help it not the historical Jesus but the spirit which goes forth from him and in the spirits of men strives for new influence and rule is that which overcomes the world.”