Ross Nichols

January 29, 2022 – Ross Nichols – One of his The Pentateuch: A New Look series where in this one he explains how even when there are differences in the books neither may be wrong.

-Differences do not mean that one is right, and the other is wrong. This is not to pick
them a part. This is to say, why does the writer in Exodus 20 say this and the writer in
Deuteronomy 5, whether LW¶VWKH same person or not, why do they say something
different? If they do say something different, does it mean that it¶s not the same writer?
Not necessarily, Deuteronomy 5 could be written much later. Maybe there¶s a lapse in
memory of detail or something? It doesn¶t mean that one is right, and one is wrong. This
exercise is to compare and contrast. We are dealing with a special genre of literature that
I like to call sacred history. Not to be confused with history this is the absolute way that it
went. Pick any subject in history and study it and you¶ll find differences depending on the
sources you look at, the perspective of the writer, and the time in which it was written.
New discoveries might shed light on a historical event, outside of the bible even. It just

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