RV Advice

For additional winter heat look at Ceramic “cube” heaters. See comments at this post.

From a Post: “Dealer extended warranties are WAY overpriced. Get a second price from Wholesale Warranties or some other reputable aftermarket warranty company. Example: $7,000 for 2-year coverage from the dealer, $4,800 for 4-year coverage from Wholesale Warranties.”

Awning Side Sun Shades help keep your campsite cool.

Dehumidifiers – http://www.doityourselfrv.com/air-dryrs/

Add LED Battery power mini lights in storage spaces that are dark

Use aero wash wax https://www.amazon.com/Aero-Cosmetics-Waterless-Aircraft-Motorcycle/dp/B00X04JRMU

Powerbuilt Two Ton UniJack Hydraulic Jackstand, by AllTrade, on Pep Boys Ebay website. What caught my eye is this unit is an integrated unit with both a 2 Ton Jack and a Locking jackstand. That means if the jack’s hydraulics failed while in use the jackstand is designed to continue to hold the load…that’s a big safety plus in my opinion. It also means I no longer need to carry a separate jackstand.

Vent Fans and covers

Technology and Internet on the Road

Propane and Alarm Systems

Electrical Systems

Water, Plumbing, Tanks, and Lines

Roofs, Leaks, Awnings, Windows, and Other Exterior Systems

Trailer Tires, Suspensions, and Brakes




awning cleaner – We use vinegar and Dawn soap in a spray bottle with hot water, cleans up back to the bright white color