Farm, July 3, 2017

The manual is here.


  1. whenever you see a location with a green checkmark – – then that location has a checklist.
  2. Each species is shown either in bold or italics.  Bold means you have entered records of this species.  Italic means you haven’t.
  3. Scythebill has a checklist for this location – or one of its parents, you can also turn on checklist entry, in which case you’ll get a full list of all the species, and can page through and select species.
  4. Let’s see what happens when I select the United States checklist:

    Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.22.47 PM.png

    You can still see a species total – 616 – but now there’s two more numbers. The United States (counting Alaska, but not Hawaii) has 8 endemics.  There’s also 143 species on the United States checklist that would be lifers for me.  Many of those are “category 5” vagrants (in ABA lingo);  selecting “Hide rarities?” shows a more realistic 43 lifers.

    Also, instead of just seeing a list of all the species you’ve seen, you’ll also see:

      • Species that are present on the checklist which you’ve seen somewhere, but not in that location;  these are in light gray.
    • Species that are present on the checklist which would be lifers; these are in light gray and italicized.

    You’ll also notice that the family headings have numbers attached.  These show how many species you’ve seen in the family and how many are possible.  In the above picture, I’ve recorded 46 waterfowl out of 63 total possibilities.

Alabama Bird Field Check List pdf

Alabama Coastal Birding Trail Map

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